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Rolex Course Walk"The biggest thrill I can get in my life is taking the raw, untapped talent of athletic-looking horses and putting massive amounts of time, energy and effort into training them into top-notch event horses. I believe that there are no quick fixes, no tricks or shortcuts in training event horses. To me it is a classical, methodical process and it is very rewarding when completed. My love and enthusiasm for horses is interlocked with a passion for perfection in training them."

Rolex Course WalkBoyd has an excellent eye and quickly assesses the appropriate training methods for any horse and rider combination. He has an incredibly strong work ethic, and his amiable personality immediately puts the rider at ease during each training session. Come train with this first-rate international rider!

Boyd Teaching a Jump Lesson

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Private or group lesson at Windurra - $100

Please call for current training rates.

Working Student Board
$40/day - horse board
(Free lessons in exchange of 6 days a week of HARD work.)


Show Fees - For show supplies - Local Show $20, Away Show $50
Shipping fees - $1 per mile within a 300 mile round trip
75 cents per mile exceeding a 300 mile round trip
Event Prize Winnings - 90% to owner, 10% to rider

$2800 per day + travel expenses


Boyd's teaching style instills confidence in riders and their horses so that they can achieve their goals. Come join us for a day or weekend of excellent eventing instruction at novice through intermediate level.

Boyd's clinics are not suited to beginner riders, but those riders are encouraged to audit. Competitant riders on green horses are welcome at the beginner novice level.

If you are an event organizer & wish to contact us to schedule a clinic with either Boyd or Silva, contact for event scheduling & fees.

A deposit of $500 is required to secure a clinic date.

Suggested schedule:

5 group lessons 4-6 riders in each group.
1hr 45min sessions. 3 lessons in the morning, 2 lessons after lunch.

Dressage lessons are not preferred in Boyd's clinics. Show jumping & flat work, one day, XC the other.

If you have any questions regarding training rates and scheduling, please contact


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