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Horizon Structures Asks: Prefab versus Pole Barn – What’s the Difference?

Check out this recent article from our barn builders at Horizon Structures which addresses the question of prefab or poll barn construction.  There is much to consider when looking at the choice of barn for your property!

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Part 1: The Differences Between Prefabricated and Pole Barns

As a horse owner, the delights of having your own horse barn need no explanation and the excitement of bringing your horse(s) home cannot be overstated.  Before you make the financial commitment to build your barn, there are a few points you might wish to consider to ensure you make the right choices.

Take a look at the differences between a prefabricated or modular structure and a pole barn build.  Because many folks don’t compare “apples to apples” when pricing a horse barn, an “apple” may seem more appealing than an “orange” until you look beneath the skin.


The initial pole barn cost may seem, at first glance, to be quite a bit less than a modular structure. Before going off the deep end, ask yourself “Why?”  Make sure that “take me home” number includes costs for all the “extras” in your pole barn quote such as windows, stall doors, kick board etc.  Most, if not all, of these components are Standard Features in modular and prefab barns.  Adding everything to the bottom line of your pole barn quote is the first step to maintaining “apples to apples” when comparing a prefab vs. stick-built barns.

30 x 24 Prefab Modular

The contractor you select should have experience in building horse barns.  That being said, never assume anything!  Ask questions and do your homework.  Research the design to optimize safety and functionality for the barn’s intended use:  horses.  Pole barns can be modified to accommodate horses but, be aware, those upgrades will likely increase the overall pole barn cost.

The price of a prefabricated barn will automatically include all those elements needed for horse safety and comfort.  The staff at a professional modular barn building company will be educated in all facets of barn design and available options, upgrades and customization choices.  Prebuilt does not mean you’re locked into a pre-set “cookie cutter” barn package.

During the quoting process, ask to speak to a project manager who will incorporate your ideas and provide solid guidance – with accurate pricing – to help you choose the barn design that works best for you.  You want your barn to make sense from both a daily use, easy-to-work-in design AND a financial standpoint.


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