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Successful Weekend for Windurra Dressage at Morven Park


Nox and Larry

We especially love showing at Morven Park because we get to spend time with our dear friends and longtime supporters Larry Smith and Melinda Walton. It is so very heartbreaking that Larry is fighting a battle for his health, but I was so happy to see him and for him to spend all those hours with us was such a treat. Nox just loved playing with Larry and that made me so happy!


Rosa Cha W

Since Larry is not well we did not stay with Melinda and Larry this time, but Lillian Heard’s mom Jaqueline was so nice to let us stay at her beautiful home in Hamilton, Virginia . Thank you, Jacquie!


Of course it was a special weekend for me since I got to ride Rosa again after she came back from an injury. We were both a bit rusty, but I thought Rosa tried as hard as she always does and we won the Grand Prix on Sunday.

I also rode Casalino, a very exciting sales horse owned by Sean McQuillan. Casper was super this weekend, winning both third level tests. He is such an attractive horse and he was and a pleasure to have at the show. (Video)

Devon Seery rode Duvent and even though they had some bobbles they looked and finished fifth on Sunday in fourth level.


Jax W

Harley Whitaker rode Joan White’s Jax W in third level, test 3. Man, what a horse! They looked fantastic, winning on Saturday and placing second on Sunday.


Pam and Rio

My good friend Pam Murphy rode her beautiful horse Rio Royale and they had a very, very nice weekend; they won at second level and even more exciting, they are now qualified to show in the  freestyle!!

Of course I could not show and coach without my good friend Amy Heron who comes with us to the shows to watch Nox for me. Thank you Amy!



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