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Horizon Structures Presents Series….All Creatures Great and Small ~ Offer Shelter to All

  By Nikki Alvin-Smith for Horizon Structures In the world of horses we see a variety of horse shapes and sizes, breeds and needs. From the giant draft horse to ponies, Paso Finos and miniature equines, their needs vary greatly. In their requirements for a barn for shelter, we need to assess what will work in size and design. Another factor to consider in building design, is just like our beloved horses, each of us have different requirements and needs. For example, a busy dressage Read more...

Horizon Structures Presents Series….Fresh Air Everywhere ~ Why The Shed Row Barn is Popular

By Nikki Alvin-Smith As a kid growing up in England most horse housing in my Buckinghamshire neighborhood was some version of a shed row design. The traditional use of the shed row building offered a less expensive and very serviceable stabling option and frequently the configurations were in a square, with a central yard, ideal for tacking up, mounting and bathing horses with protection from the wind. The older stable blocks would be built of brick, the newer ones made of wood. As we know Read more...

Horizon Structures Asks: Prefab versus Pole Barn – What’s the Difference?

Check out this recent article from our barn builders at Horizon Structures which addresses the question of prefab or poll barn construction.  There is much to consider when looking at the choice of barn for your property! Blog by Nikki Alvin-Smith and Jill Siragusa Part 1: The Differences Between Prefabricated and Pole Barns As a horse owner, the delights of having your own horse barn need no explanation and the excitement of bringing your horse(s) home cannot be overstated.  Before you Read more...
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