Boyd Martin and Christine Turner’s Tsetsereg stand second after cross-country at the 2019 LRK3DE. Photo courtesy US Eventing Association

Boyd and Thomas had a stellar round at the 2019 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event Presented by Mars Equestrian today. With no jumping and no time faults they moved up to second place overall on their dressage score of 27.9, less than a rail behind leader and  defending champion Oliver Townend on Cooley Masterclass with 25.3.

At the press conference Boyd said of Christine Turner’s Trakehner gelding, “He gave me a fantastic ride. I thought the course walked easier this year and I was surprised with how much trouble they had out there today. He’s a lot more seasoned this year and we have a good partnership. He’s got a wonderful gallop and he’s got plenty of speed and he’s very fit. Throughout the course he kept trying and never looked for a way out.”

Boyd joked, “I’m stabled next to Phillip Dutton and we were egging each other on about who was going to take the direct route over the Normandy Bank. While I was in the warmup, I heard over the loudspeaker that he’d done it and I thought, aw, now I’ve gotta do it or I’ll look like a wimp! That could have seriously backfired!”

Boyd’s hard work over the winter with coaches Phillip Dutton, Erik Duvander, Silva Martin, Peter Gray and Richard Picken has paid off mightily. “He’s a good little horse,” said Boyd. “He’s a trier and had plenty left in the tank at the finish. I couldn’t be happier.”

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