Luke 140 Schooling Flying Changes

I am fortunate that my wife Silva is willing to spend time schooling the event horses and fine tuning their dressage skills. At the moment Silva is working with Luke 140, a horse we syndicated earlier this year. Silva’s main goal has been teaching Luke the flying changes. Next year Luke will need to do flying changes in his dressage tests at the 4-Star level. When we purchased him earlier this year, he had not been taught them yet, but sometimes this is better because if he had been taught the wrong way it could be difficult to fix.

Above is an unedited video of Silva quietly chipping away at teaching Luke the correct flying changes. At the moment she does it exactly in the same spot in the ring every time, so he is expecting it. She also does a number of canter-walk transitions to really have the canter balanced and waiting. At the moment, all Silva is concerned about is that it is a ‘clean’ change. That means that the change of lead happens in one stride, all at once. She is not bothered at the moment if he leaps, or is a bit wild in the change. She often rewards him by giving him a a big pat and walk break if he gets it right.

They are a long way off being perfect, but in a couple of weeks he will have the understanding of them. All I can say is that I married well! 2020 here we come!!


Luke 140 competing at Plantation Field 2020

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