2011 Palm Beach Derby: Silva’s Final Trip to Florida

Devon in Wellington

We had a successful final trip to Wellington this weekend. Devon, Kymmy, (Kymberly Pullen) and I drove to Wellington last Monday morning to compete at the Palm Beach Derby. I had Aesthete, Duvent, Rosa Cha W and Austin and Kymmy had her horse Wiedermark. Poor Devon had to leave Rembrandt at home because he got a little splint two days before we left.

Lesson with Michael Barisone

On Wednesday I took Rosa, Aesthete and Duvent for lessons with Michael Barisone. I also did that on our last trip to Florida and Michael has been very helpful; I enjoy working with him very much. Michael also came out to help me warm up at the show and that was great!


We started showing on Friday. Duvent is getting better and better about dealing with the pressure at the show; he still gets worried, but I am so happy about him getting better every time out. He did very well in his first class, third level test 3: we scored 65% and finished third. On Saturday he came out even more relaxed and we scored almost 68% and finished an equal second to Aesthete. By the time Sunday came along he was tired, which is a good thing for him! He was very rideable and I thought that was our best test yet. We did do a few extra changes, which is fine for now, and we finished 6th .


Aesthete (Stately) was a star this weekend! He was already soooo much better than last time. He really could not have gone better or tried harder for me. We won third level on Friday and Saturday with 71% and 69%. On Sunday we finished second in the Markel Young Horse Qualifier with 77.6%.

Rosa Cha W

Rosa Cha W is growing up so fast! She still has to get physically stronger but she is mentally becoming a real competitor. She really is a wonderful horse and I know that she will go all the way. She did her first third level test this weekend and finished third on 66%; on Sunday she scored 72% in the six-year-old class and finished fourth!

I also rode Amy Heron’s Austin for the first time. Amy and Austin have been with me for a few months now. I am training Austin, who is a 6-year-old Dutch Warmblood, for Amy. I rode him this weekend and Amy is going to start showing him once we get back to PA. Austin was great: he won first level 3 on Friday with 67%. On Sunday he was a little worried about the strong wind and scared of the flapping tent, but he still finished fifth in his first time competing at second level.

My student Kymmy and her horse Markie did very well in third level, scoring 67% and finishing third!


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