2013 Dressage at Lexington: Off to a Winning Start!

We are off to a great start at Dressage at Lexington!

Rosa Cha W won the final qualifier for the Developing Horse PSG Championships, which will take place at the Lamplight Equestrian Center near Chicago, August 22-25, 2013 . We won the class with 71.3%. Today Rosa and I are showing in the PSG Challenge. This is a big and very competitive class of 29 horses and we are scheduled last to go in the class.

Yesterday Zoran placed second in Fourth level test 1 with 69%. He was really good, considering he is so green at this level. Today Zoran will show in Third level test 3 .

Benefactor RRS showed in Second level test 3. This is Benny’s second show at second level and he was his perfect self. We won the class with 70.9%, and today we are showing in Second level test 2.

Kymmy rode Billie Jean Haliday in training level test 2. I was very impressed with Billie; this is her second show ever and she was such a good girl. Kymmy rode a very good test to finish third on a score of 66% and today they will show in training 2 again. Billie is for sale and is going to be such a great horse for an amateur!

Gracia and Colin did well in third level test 3. They finished second on 63.8%. Colin is also for sale and suitable for a amateur or young rider. Today they are showing in fourth level test 1.  


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