2013 Wellington Classic

di Solitaire

We went to the Wellington Classic this weekend and I had di Solitaire, owned by Ann and Mike Laver, in first level and the Markel Young Horse Qualifier for 5-year-olds. I was really hoping to better his score from last time because he was a little green and finished 7th or so. On Saturday he won first level with 74% and on Sunday he did the qualifier; the judges loved him and he scored a 83 which is the highest score any 5-year-old has gotten so far this year.

Benefactor is still in the lead, and this puts Sully about 4th when you average their scores with the last show. I’m hoping to get another high score at Virginia in a few weeks so the 77 from White Fences will be a drop score, and we can get his average up. 


Benny, owned by Melinda Walton and Larry Smith, won on Saturday with 73% at First Level and won another first level with 76% on Sunday. Since he’s in the lead in the Young Horses I didn’t show him in that class; we will do the selection trial in June, for the World Breeders Young Horse Championships in Verden, Germany
Likely Story

 I also had Likely Story, owned by Laurie Cameron, in Second level; she was a little nervous and green, but she’s a good little mare and I’m happy with her progress. 
Monte Carlo – FOR SALE
I also rode Monte Carlo, a ten-year-old sale horse owned by Ellie Ball, in 3rd level test Three. It’s kind of a hard test with the flying changes and he’s great. He’s such a great amateur horse; you could ride him in the circus and he’d be fine! He was 2nd at Third level on Saturday and won on Sunday. 


Gracia rode Colin for the first time, owned by Ann Laver; Ann and Mike are so nice to let Gracia, who’s a Young Rider, have the opportunity to ride him. I’m really excited because it’s a good match and I think that can do great things together. She won on Friday and was second on Saturday in her first time at 3rd level. That’s huge because there was a lot of atmosphere and it’s a tough test.


Kymmy rode Hot Date, her young horse, and was second to Sully on Saturday in First Level with 69% and second to Benny on Sunday with a 66%.
This week is my biggest week in Florida because we have the Global Dressage Festival CDI with Rosa; I’m really excited because a few of her owners and fans are going to be there. I’ll also be riding Fortissimo in the first level and Kymmy’s riding Wiedermark in the National PSG. 
I’m also looking forward to it because Rosa has been going so well. It’s going to be a huge atmosphere, which I hope will work well for Rosa – hopefully I’m not jinxing myself by saying that! It’s a little like it would be in Europe, with a lot of people and a lot of competition. We’ve improved even more since the last CDI; I work with Michael Barisone every day and she’s getting better and better. 
The jog is on Thursday – hopefully this will be a little quieter than our last jog – and she’s doing the PSG on Friday and the I-1 on Saturday. Then we’ll load up and head home on Sunday. I’m also looking forward to getting back home!
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