2017 Millbrook Horse Trials – Friday Dressage

I’ve got seven horses here at the Millbrook Horse Trials in Millbrook, New York: four advanced and three intermediates. We’re very lucky here at Milbrook because we’ve had a tremendous amount of rain, which for this time of year is a bit unusual. I was a little concerned coming up here that the ground might be hard, but thanks to the rain it should be spot on.

This is a big run for Steady Eddie, this is his final run before Burghley. He did a nice test today in the middle of a downpour, and I’ll be looking to give him just a nice, accurate ride cross country tomorrow. I’ll let him gallop up this hill a bit but not go flat out.

I’ve got a couple of green, first-time advanced horses here with Bonito, Tura Lura and Long Island T; Bonito is coming back after his big run at Bromont. In the Intermediate we’ve got the green Contessa, Ray Price, and SBF Cortez is back at it after coming back from a lay off last year.


It’s an exciting weekend, a lot of the syndicate members are from the area and it’s great to be riding their horses up here at Millbrook. Tomorrow should be an exciting day of action and I’ll check in with you after that.



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