2017 Surefire Horse Trials


Contessa at the 2016 American Eventing Championship

Surefire Horse Trials in Virginia worked out to be a great outing for four of the Windurra event horses over the weekend.
Contessa is the new princess of the barn and she is in sizzling form. A safe, confidence-building ride around the cross country was the goal since mileage is what this mare needs at this point in her career. She rose to the occasion and finished second in the Open Intermediate on her dressage score of 34.6. She also will get a short rest now, while the ground is hard in the summer.
Barry finished fourth in the OI: the plan was to give him another medium-speed round at this level, and had a couple of sticky moments, but jumped around clear and in the time to finish on his dressage score of 35.6. He’s also going to get a rest after this one.
I’m helping my old worker Sara Moore out on her ‘might be’ superstar Polaris. He has been very resistant in the dressage, but I am hoping I can come up with a formula that gets Sara to Rolex next year.  He scored 43.9 and jumped around clear to finish 14th in the OI. I’m also going to ride Polaris at Great Meadow.
SBF Cortez is on the comeback road after a year-long layup. We were knocking the rust off in the Preliminary and he had a couple rails down in the jumping and a few time faults on cross country to finish 7th. That’s okay: my plan was just to coast around the cross country, building him up for Millbrook in August.
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