5 horses, 10 classes, 10 BLUE RIBBONS!!!

My working student Devon and I had a fantastic start to our 2011 show season in Orlando, Florida. I don’t think this kind of result is going to happen to us ever again, but we did enjoy it!

Devon and Rembrandt

Devon won both of her classes on her horse Rembrandt. Both Devon and Rembrandt had never done second or third level before and I just threw them in there and told Devon she would be fine; I knew they would be okay because we had been working very hard at home. They won second level test 3 on Saturday and third level test 1 on Sunday! I am very proud of them both!

I also had a great time on all my horses. I do have to say, I am very very lucky to be riding the horses that I have at the moment. It is a great group of very talented horses that I love very much!

Rosa Cha W

My talented young mare Rosa Cha W won first level test 2 with 74% on Saturday and also won first level test 3 on Sunday.


Duvent won third level test 2 on Saturday and third level test 3 on Sunday. He is getting better and better in the show ring. He gets nervous but he is starting to trust me more and more. I think we are going to be a great team!


Aesthete, or “Stately”, won Third 1 with 74% on Saturday and third 1 on Sunday.I had never shown Stately before and he was even better at the show than at home. I am very very exited about him.


Little Constantina, or “Cece”, won training 2 on Saturday and training 3 on Sunday. This was her first real show and she was such a good girl. I had a blast riding her!


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  1. Wow thats fantastic! Silva are you teaching some in Aiken? I have heard such good things about your teaching style 🙂

  2. I did just speak with Silva, and her schedule is packed, but she will definitely try to fit in some new students! Please go to the website & email her. Cheers!

  3. 10 for 10! That’s awesome, can’t do any better than that!

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