A Big Thanks to Arenus

Without a doubt one of the contributing factors to Neville’s comeback is thanks to some of the products I have been using from Arenus. Arenus is a company that I have been working with for a while now and they have a huge range of products that have undoubtedly returned Nev back to his best.

The main products that I have been using are:

Steadfast, which is the ultimate feed supplement that benefits joints, muscle, soft tissue (tendons and ligaments) and bone density. With the hard training that is involved with getting a horse fit for a four-star, Steadfast provides fantastic protection against daily trauma.

Aleira: With Neville’s smoke inhalation, Aleira played a huge part in making sure there was no permanent respiratory damage. This product is great for any horse in an equine sport where the respiration of the horse is critical. It fights bacteria, and promotes clear airways in any animal with respiratory trouble.

Equilite have some awesome products thanks to Arenus. Starting from their liniments that I rub on the horses legs after work, to there poultice that gets spread over every horse’s lower legs after a gallop or cross-country run.

I would like to thank Arenus for everything they have done for Silva and my horses.


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