A Day Out with the Cheshire Hunt

Doug Howe, with the assistance of Ryan Wood, bought at auction a day out with the Cheshire Hunt in Pennsylvania.  Doug and Cindy Howe are supporters of Blackfoot Mystery, Shamwari and Pancho Villa; they also are neighbors and hardcore fox hunters. After purchasing the private hunt, they invited all the top eventers from the local community to participate.

This meet took place on Monday at Annie Jones’s farm and it was a brilliant day of organized chaos, since a few of the event riders didn’t know the etiquette of staying behind the Huntsman, Ivan Dowling! We managed to negotiate a lot of fences across country and the star of the day was Olivia Dutton, who showed us all how to jump a 3’6” fence. It was very embarrassing, but three of my students who are very accomplished event riders managed to fall off and give everyone a lot of entertainment.

Thanks to the Howes for introducing the eventers to a day in the hunt field. It was an epic day that will be laughed at and remembered for some time.





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