A Day with Georgia

Silva and Georgia
I had the pleasure to meet Georgia Dluhy this week when she and her mom Amy visited our farm. Georgiais only 13 years old and a hunter/ jumper rider. She had a riding accident in April of this year, similar to mine: her horse slipped while cantering on grass. Things just happen in life.
Like me, Georgia sustained a brain injury, and she is also going through rehab in the same hospital in Bryn Mawr. We are both very lucky that we are going to therapy at Bryn Mawr because they really are the best.
No two brain injuries are the same, and Georgia is struggling with different things in her recovery. It was so nice to meet Georgia and Amy and I know how frustrating the recovery is, but I also know that it is a very short time in Georgia’s life and she will look back on this later and agree with me.
Georgia’s Artwork
I hope it helped Georgia to talk to me and I really hope that she is going to focus on other things than horses for now. I have spent a lot of time lately reading about fashion and design and I think it helps to keep your spirits up by focusing on things that you can do, rather than get frustrated with the things you can’t at this time. Georgia is a fabulous artist; I love the picture she drew for me!!
xoxo Silva
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  1. Good medicine for us all that you both are sharing your journeys! Have fun, ride safe!!

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