A new blog from Silva: WE HAD TO LISTEN TO ASHLEA SING!!!

First of all I would like to say that Ashlea did what I was afraid of: she sang the Australian national anthem “loud and proud”! Thank God she was crying at the same time: that way she could not sing loud enough for everybody to hear.

Besides the fact that she should not ever sing unless she is all by herself, I am very very proud of her! She won her freestyle in the CDI Y at the Horse Park of New Jersey with almost 70%. I am a little embarrassed to say this, since I am supposed to be a tough German girl, but even I got goose bumps when they played the Aussie Anthem for Ashlea. Ashlea has been working very hard for this and this is a very big step towards her goal of representing Australia at the Young Rider World Cup in Frankfurt, Germany.

I would like to thank Ann Miller, who put this beautiful freestyle together for us in time for this weekend. She did an amazing job!

Kymmy and Markie also had a good weekend and Kyymy rode very well today. This was the first time for them to compete in Fourth level test 3, which is a very hard test to ride. They finished third in a big, competitive field! Good job!

I’ve said it before but I have to say it again: I have the most amazing horses! I am soooo lucky!

Stately did the first qualifier for the World Breeders Young Horse Championship in Verden, Germany in August and he was amazing! Michael Barisone helped me warm up all weekend and Stately got better and better. The qualifier was judged by German judge Peter Holler and American judge Jeanne McDonald. We scored 86% and won out of 25 horses! This has to be the best score I have ever gotten – what an amazing horse!

Stateley and I are going to compete in the selection trial for 6-year-old horses for the World Championships in Germany next weekend at Morven Park. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for us!

Rosa Cha W also had a great weekend. She won Third, test 2 with 74% and Third, 3 with 73%, and scored 72% in the Young Horse class today! Rosa will also compete at the selection trial at Morven Park.

Duvent had a much better test yesterday: we did Fourth level test 3 for the first time and finished third with 63%. I am excited about him – he is going to be great!


Videos and pics will be posted soon!

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