A New Horse for Anne

Photo of New Cadet with groom Lindsay Taylor courtesy Mike McNally

One of the most devastating outcomes of the True Prospect Farm Fire was the passing of Anne Hennessey’s Summer Breeze. She was an awesome, up and coming horse that I bred in Australia and whom Anne owned and loved dearly. Anne has been one of my longest-time supporters, supporting me with event horses from my early days in America and it was heartbreaking to see Anne so devastated after losing a horse she truly loved and believed in.

After taking our time getting over the heartbreak of this loss I believe we’ve found an exciting new prospect for Anne. New Cadet is a 6-year-old, 16.2 bay Thoroughbred gelding that has the movement of Totilas and the jump of Sapphire (nearly). I’m very excited about this horse: he’s got four-star written all over him. I’m also excited to see Anne have a new partner with us and the new excitement of a future project.


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