A New Horse for Boyd

Well guys, there is a new addition to the barn this week…. and she is a top sort!

Andy and Kristen Sparks of Unionville, PA have bred a stunning 5-year-old mare by the English eventing stallion Welton Ambassador. ‘Rose’ was born and bred down in Florida at Andy’s dad’s farm and she is one of the only Welton Ambassador babies that have been born in the US. (The stallion’s semen did not seem to freeze very well, losing its viability, and there were only a few positive pregnancy tests recorded in the US.) There are a lot of unhappy breeders because of this, but not Kristn and Andy!

To me she is perfectly bred for eventing: her dam is an American Thoroughbred and Welton Ambassador is nearly all Thoroughbred. Funny enough, she has the movement and the look of a European jumping horse; she looks athletic and classy. She is carrying a bit too much weight at the moment, but she will trim down in time.

Rose seems like she has all of the tools necessary to become a top class event horse: she is a beautiful mover and has the look of a supermodel! She was briefly broken in for riding down in Florida, so I was able to hop on her on the first day. I am really impressed with her personality: she seems dead quiet and willing to try whatever I ask of her,(except the steering).

My plan is to just keep gently ticking away on getting her rideable over the next month, and then start trotting some fences. So far I am very excited about her!


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  2. Hello,I am pleased that you like Rose.I am the one who broke her in from a young filly.She was a great horse to work with.Good luck Jill Sronce

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