A Visit From Theault-America

We were able to catch up this week with sponsor, Theault-America, who have been kind enough to provide Boyd and Silva with one of their cutting edge horse boxes since November of last year.

The concept of rear facing horse travel is new to this country, although strongly supported in the European community where it is recognized that horses travel much more comfortably in this position.  After all, their strength is in their hind quarters, so the ability to balance on “their engine” helps provide a much more secure ride for our four legged partners.

The Morpheus horse box is more than a trailer, it a safe and secure way for both horse and rider to travel in comfort, offering every amenity to the serious amateur or busy professional.  The vehicle design is nothing like we have seen here in the US, and the company is looking to grow their US sales and distribution.

Boyd and Silva have been instrumental in giving feedback to the company on the design of the existing 2 horse Morpheus and the 4 horse version which is planned for production in the near future.  To learn more about this cutting edge horse transportation company, please visit Theault-America’s website , check out their new US brochure and come to visit them at Rolex Kentucky.

Enjoy this fun video produced by Theault while working the circuit at WEF.

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