A Winning Weekend at the GAIG Championships

Kymmy, Devon and I are just driving home from our last show of the season: the GAIG Championships in Lexington, VA.

First of all I would like to say how proud I am of my girls. Both girls were riding very well. As I was watching the warm-up I thought to myself how much better my girls ride than many of the riders their age. Also thank you Ashlea for staying home and taking care of everything!

Devon had a great weekend and we accomplished what we came here for: Devon and Ballatale won the third level young rider championships! Devon deserved this win more than anybody, she has been working very hard all year and I am so proud of her.
Devon always takes the best care possible of my horses and I could not do any of the things I do without her. This was her weekend! Well done!!!!

Kymmy also rode very well. She and Markie competed in the GAIG championships last year in first and second level and this year they competed in the GAIG championships in PSG. They had a great warm-up. Unfortunately they could not hold the same quality in the ring yet. But they are on the right track! On Sunday they finished sixth in the open PSG. Markie and Kymmy have accomplished a lot this year and there are a lot more awards ceremonies for them to come.

I was competing Sea Lord, owned by Charish Campbell, in the Intermediaire II championships and he was great: We won!

Duvent , owned by Linda Walton and Larry Smith, was fifth in the fourth level championships. He got a little tense in the coliseum, but I am so happy with how far he has come. He is a very special horse and he is going to be spectacular!!

I also rode a new horse for me. His name is Hidden Promise. He is 9 year old gelding. I showed him in second level and was very impressed with him. He did three beautiful tests: we finished second on Friday, third on Saturday and we won today.
I think he is going to be a very nice horse: he is very easy in every way!

Now our season is over. As everybody knows we did have a tough year. I would like to thank everybody again for being there for us and for helping us through this difficult time! Things are looking up now. We had some great successes and we are looking forward to a fantastic 2012!


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