Aiken Training Sessions

Good evening owners and supporters:

Early next week is going to be full-on jumping and dressage training of the upper level horses with David O’Connor and Silvio Mazzoni. Please feel free to stop by Stable View and watch us train.

Monday January 26th:

Jumping – Cortez 8:00, Oscar 8:45, Pancho 9:30

Dressage – Master Frisky 11:45, Shamwari 2:00

Tuesday January 27th:

Jumping – Master Frisky 9:30, Crackerjack 12:30, Steady Eddie 1:15

Dressage – Cortez 8:00, Oscar 8:45, Shamwari 10:15

Wednesday January 28th: (Boyd in FL for Wellington Eventing Showcase)

David to ride: Master Frisky 1:15, Shamwari 2:00, Cortez 2:45

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