Aiken Update: Windurra Eventing Settling in to Stable View for 2020 Season

The new year is a fresh start for the eventing side of Windurra. Like usual I’ve migrated south to Stable View with a team of horses and staff. Because Nox is in full-time preschool this year, Silva will stay in Pennsylvania and move her operations to the comfort of the indoor arena at True Prospect Farm. The idea is Silva will probably ship a couple of the dressage horses down and go to a few shows here, and will fly down here now and then and there to do some coaching and help out with my top horses as well.

This year we’ve added a couple of new staff here at Windurra, and we’ve streamlined the group of horses. It’s an exciting year ahead of us. For me personally it’s fantastic to be riding again, it’s been a long couple months healing from surgery for my torn abductor muscle. I’m still a little sore but the surgeon assured me I’ve got less than a 1% chance of re-injuring it. Down here in Aiken I’ve hooked up with a new personal trainer and I’ll be getting back to my usual stretching coach and chiropractor. All in all I’m feeling fit and strong.

I think we’ve got an awesome line-up of horses here. A few horses that were on rest last year are coming back into work looking healthy and strong. I’ve got a few of the youngsters turning five here for their first winter in Aiken, and the high performance horses are in excellent form. This January I’m really focusing on the horses’ fitness and conditioning. We’re also doing a lot of dressage and jumping, but the main thing is a lot of long, slow canters and trot sets, steadily progressing as time goes on.

We’re very fortunate to train out of Stable View here in Aiken. It’s an unbelievable facility to work out of in the winter. It’s got four massive rings with Attwood footing, about 2,000 acres of trails for hacking and fitness, we’ve got a barn for the horses that looks like something out of a magazine, and all the staff are living comfortably in apartments here at the farm. It’s a fun time for me as a lot of the owners and eventing friends from the Mid-Atlantic are all based in the same town and it’s awesome to see them throughout the winter.

I have to say I was blown away by the footing on the ETB/Boyd Martin cross country course at Stable View has been fertilized and then irrigated all winter and the ground is like walking on a soft sponge, it’s absolutely incredible. The course is open to anyone who wants to come use it.

We’re excited to be here, and looking forward to seeing many of you in Aiken.


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