All Clear at the Vet Checks…Now the Wait…

All three horses were presented to the team of vets at the training camp in Gloucester this morning. Remi, Neville and Otis have all pulled up well and looked in good shape in front of a serious looking group of vets, coaches and selectors. 

The evaluations of all the horses which included ultrasounds, flexion tests, and jumping in circles were conducted in private, which made for a tense atmosphere in the barn.

Unlike 2010, when the US lacked the depth that we have today, the selectors have some serious decision making to discuss in the 
next couple of hours. Riders and grooms have been instructed to meet back at the
barn at 5:30 pm for the announcement. Fingers crossed...
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  1. Waiting anxiously along with you. Fingers crossed!!!

  2. Can’t wait to find out 🙂 fingers crossed!!!

  3. Rooting for you and all the boys!

  4. Anonymous says

    Otis does not look very happy in that picture.. but he should be now! Heard he made the team, congrats to both of you!

  5. Michael Cahill says

    Congratulations to Boyd and Otis. I am from Sydney and have followed Boyd and Phillip Dutton’s career and their goal to go for London 2012. So fantastic news!!
    Michael Cahill

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