An Excuse to Shop for the Fire Relief Fund

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An Excuse to Shop…for Boyd!!

June 4, 2011 7:00 pm Posted by Carrie under Random

An excuse to shop…for Boyd!!! These are part of JLo’s collection – and I plan to walk the Bromont 3* XC couse in them next week.
Along with my love for horses, I am also a self admitted shoe and bag junkie.  (Much to my fiance’s despair.) Not only do I LOVE shoes and bags, I also like shiny sparklie things. Before we got engaged, when I would mention this to my now fiancé, he would normally show up with some sort of trinket for me from the vending machine…my favourite was a bling encrusted hubcap key chain.  Thank you honey, thank you very much.
I have found myself doing a LOT of on-line shopping lately – and my fiancé is on the road for work so he doesn’t even know about it yet, thank God – for a really good cause.  Since the horse community was turned upside down earlier this week – not only have a lot of ways to help come up – but that also means it is an AWESOME EXCUSE to buy some really really cool horsey stuff.
So, let’s take a look at how we can shop for Boyd!!

Boyd and Remington at Rolex…quite the handsome pair! I have been using them as an excuse to shop for the past couple days! Thanks dudes! (photo by Calina)
1. Download Boyd and Silva’s training videos
You know how we have been reviewing Boyd and Silva’s training videos? Well, go buy them!! Not only do I find them very informative, they really do offer great tips and methods for introducing your horses to the next level.  AND, you get to listen and look at Boyd…for the record, Boyd is tall, good-looking and has an accent.  Need I say more?
2. Buy an ECOGOLD saddle pad.

ECOGOLD’s Memory Foam Triple Protection Half Pad…the one in the video with the M&Ms that don’t get crushed!

Secure Saddle Pad: Choose a XC, Jumper, Dressage or Hunter Saddle Pad.
You know how awesome the pads are, you have been waiting for a good excuse to buy one. Do. It. Now.
Through to the end of day Sunday, 50% of every single saddle pad sold will go directly to Boyd and the rest of his team.  And because of high demand…they have just added the Memory Foam Triple Protection Half Pad (the one that doesn’t crush the M&Ms in this video)!
It was my perfect excuse to complete my ECOGOLD Saddle Pad family.
Oh – and you can rest assured that your cash will get to Boyd’s hands.
Click on the images to buy the products or click here: ECOGOLD’s Boyd Martin Fund Online Shop Section
3. Get Denny Emerson’s book.
Denny is amazing.  When you buy his book, “How Good Riders Get Good”, 50% of the royalties will be going directly to Boyd and his team.  Seriously Denny – you rock.  I just bought the book earlier this week.  Can’t wait to read it!!
You can buy the book from the USEA WebStore (click here) or from (click here)
4. Doug Payne and Jimmy Wofford’s  “The Rider’s Eye” DVD.
It’s a DVD that seamlessly blends traditional techniques with modern technology enabling you to virtually jump into the saddle via a helmet camera. How cool is that??? And from now until the end of the year – 50% of the profits will be donated to the True Prospect Fire Relief Fund…seriously?  How incredible is that??
From Doug: “I spoke to Jimmy on Thursday, we’ve decided to push the benefit for True Prospect Farm through the end of the year. It sill amazes me how quickly people respond to tragedy. The DVD’s are just one avenue to help, but we sold 15 just in one day. I spoke to Boyd briefly this morning, he was very appreciative of all the help he’s received. I still can’t imagine what their all going through. Thanks again for your help.”
Here’s a clip of The Rider’s Eye: OKay – bought the DVD too… (sorry honey.)  Please buy the video directly from Doug’s website (click here)
5. Shop at OUR SPONSOR: Five Star Tack!!

Five Point Breastplate… thank you very much!
Five Star Tack designs and manufactures its own line of top quality bridles and strap goods for hunter, jumper and eventing riders, made from the best English bridle leather. This growing company is one of HJU’s amazingly generous sponsors and are donating 10% of ALL JUNE profits directly to the True Prospect Fire Relief Fund.
“I don’t know Boyd personally but I met him a couple of weeks ago at the Virginia Horse Trials,” said company founder Jamie Greene. “I’ve been in that situation, where your world is turned upside down, in my case cancer. It is really difficult to go through and to find that sense of normalcy again. What struck me and got me through it was the kindness and support I received from people. In turn I promised myself that I would help others just as they had helped me.” Seriously?? Do I even need another excuse to shop on-line with them now?
Jamie is amazing and contacted us on the day we launched HJU and has been a proud supporter ever since.  Thank you Jamie for not only supporting HJU, but for also supporting Boyd and his team.
I have my eye on a couple of their products, including their 5-point breastplate and Star Bridle…again, sorry honey.

Assure Guard – Sounds good to me!
6. Get Arenus Supplements!!
Arenus is a premier provider of innovative health and nutrition products for pets and horses. They are a growing division within Novus International, Inc., a global company dedicated to animal performance, health and longevity. Sounds good to me!!
Arenus is donating 15% of sales when you use the promotion code PRP-72378 during checkout at or by calling 866-791-3344 to the True Prospect Fire Recovery Fund!! Customers receive a special savings of 5% in addition to the 15% that Arenus will donate.
The top products that Boyd uses are
1. Assure Guard – a digestive aid including prebiotics, probiotics, phyllium, enzymes and gastic buffers. Designed to support normal stomach pH and condition the hindgut. Since digestive health can be drastically effected by stress, all of Boyd’s horses are currently on Assure Guard after Tuesday.
2. Sore No-More Poultice – Boyd poutice’s his horses’ legs after competing, as well as after every galloping workout to help reduce inflammation, draw out heat, and increase circulation.

Sore No More Poultice
3. Steadfast Equine – a total structural support that benefits horses’ joints, tendons, ligaments, and bones. All horses, especially performance athletes, can benefit from improved joint motility and connective tissue strength. Neville, Remi, Otis, Eddie (and Summer) have all been maintained on Steadfast daily.

Steadfast Equine
Their product line looks very very cool and I am going to be spending some time on their website later on today.  SHOP HERE:
7. Shires Equestrian – Blankets and Clothes and a lot more!

Shires Equestrian’s Stowmarket Combo Rainsheet…Purchased. Thank you very much!!
Ummmm Really?  This is a one-stop shop for all things horsey and rider related!!!  Shires Equestrian USA, is one of Boyd’s sponsors.  They are donating 5% of all June sales directly to Boyd/Windurra LLC and True Prospect Farm.
Because it has done nothing but piss down rain here every time we have set out to go to a show, I just bought one of their rain sheets.  The Stowmarket…Only $45!!! Awesome.
 8. PRO Auction – lots of goodies!!!! Like a Charles Owen helmet.
Charles Owen is one of Boyd’s and also one of HJU’s wicked sponsors, so of course they would jump right in and help out.   I’m not 100% sure which helmet they are going to donate – but – I have their J3 Skull cap and LOVE IT!

PROOF!!! (That I have the Charles Owen J3, love it and wear it during all xc schoolings and competitions.)
The True Prospect Fire Relief Online Auction will take place on E-bay. It is tentatively set to start mid-June and run for 2 weeks. A variety of items will be available to shoppers!  When the auction closes, the proceeds will be distributed directly to Boyd Martin, Lillian Heard, Caitlin Silliman, Ryan Wood, Abbie Golden the owners and Phillip and Evie Dutton.
Ummm – Ebay, horsey items AND it’s going to a great cause….as if I won’t be bidding.
If you want to donate an item, here is the info on how to do that:
9. Buy a print from Amy Dragoo Photographer
Amy Dragoo is a fantastic photographer. Her photos are published internationally, and prints hang in homes and offices world wide. She also took amazing photos of the benefit at the Whip Tavern, where $6,800 was raised for Boyd and True Prospect Farm: see the photos here.
She will be generously donating 20% of all of her print sales until the end of 2011 to the True Prospect Fire Recovery Fund. She will be at Plantation Field international Horse Trials this year and Brandywine Polo Club. Thank You Amy!!!
Here is the link to her website:
10. Dudley’s Tack Shop, in Brooklyn, Ontario – which is about 35 minutes from my house, they’re awesome – will also be donating!!   Until June 30th, when you purchase anything from Dudley’s Tack Shop Private Clothing line, including, polo coolmax shirts, v neck shirts, tank tops, hooded sweatshirts, zip sweatshirts and yoga pants – they will donate 50% of the proceeds to Boyd Martin and TPF.
When you order, please call them with your Credit Card Information if you are unable to come in and pick it up in store. Shipping charges Apply.  Call them at 1-905-655-7655 or
Isn’t Shopping FUN??!!!!  So, tell me Horse Junkies United: what have you  bought?
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