Announcing the Release of Our New Training Videos!

With Boyd Martin recently being selected as “Eventing Horseman of the Year” by The Chronicle of the Horse magazine, he and his wife, dressage rider Silva Martin, have embarked on an exciting new project to produce a series of training videos. These videos will give the every day rider insight into Boyd and Silva’s successful training methods and are designed to compliment the rider’s existing training program by tapping into Boyd and Silva’s unique perspectives and expertise.

The first video series will focus on Boyd’s philosophies, ideas and general horsemanship skills that have helped him prepare horses for eventing competition. These methods are the result of  thousands of hours of hard work, a passion and dedication to the sport and his unwavering focus on the art of horse training.

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Training topics will vary with each release. Some videos will address straightforward training techniques such as progressing from jumping the skinny fence in the ring to translating that ride on the cross-country course.  Other segments will address out of the box topics such as managing rider pre-competition jitters, warming up a nervous horse before dressage, walking the cross-country course and dealing with rider insecurity when tackling technical jumping questions.  

The goal of this pay-per-video series is for the viewer to have an interactive experience and to encourage feedback and suggestions for future training and competition topics. The plan is to produce a balance of eventing videos featuring Boyd’s eventing expertise combined with Silva’s professional dressage skills, which have made her one of the top competitors & clinicians in the country. These videos provide the perfect platform for both Boyd and Silva to share their knowledge with their fan base and with riding enthusiasts throughout the world!

Your interest in and purchase of these pay-per-videos is truly appreciated and the proceeds from these sales will help both Boyd and Silva raise the funds necessary to pursue their international competition goals. 

For a preview of all the videos and ordering information please visit our website:
We thank you for your support!
Boyd and Silva Martin
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  1. I like the concept of the training videos but $12.95 is a bit steep if it is truly pay per view. I would rather be able to watch it once for an over all view then come back and study it more thoroughly, possibly at a later time. I would not be willing to pay each time. Just my opinion, don’t know what others will think.

    Good luck with the venture, it sounds like a great way to help finance international competition.

  2. I did make a correction to this post. It is a PAY-PER-VIDEO format. You download the video & it is yours for $12.95, so you can continue to review it as many times as you like!! I’m sorry for the confusion….LT

  3. Thanks for the clarification Lisa. Pay per video makes much more sense since it will allow the multiple reviews that most of us want and need. Thanks to Boyd and Silva for putting together what I am sure will be a great series.

  4. Great idea. I’m really excited about this! Good luck!

  5. Excellent video Boyd. Very educational!

  6. , after watching the video, I have a question for Boyd. Question is about the galloping position over the shoulder of the horse…wondering how to keep the horse from going on its forehand? You don’t want to be pulling or fooling around with the mouth (and us Novice riders aren’t savvy enough to be doing that anyway)…Boyd’s thoughts would be appreciated

  7. Boyd & I chatted about this last night & any horse that starting to get on the forehand needs to be subtly adjusted. This doesn’t mean snatching them in the mouth, but by settling yourself back gently into your seat, you will get him back on his haunches & be able to regain your collection.

    Hope this helps!

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