Another Stellar Showing at Morven Park!

While the weekend was Silva’s first time as coach and trainer versus rider, coach and trainer, Windurra dressage riders worked hard to not embarrass her. Here’s to Silva’s top two working riders: Devon Seery and Emily O’Neill, who both knocked it out of the park with blue ribbon scores, and a huge thanks to Joan Fenton White for the wonderful photos!

Silva Coaching Team Rio

Words of wisdom from Silva for Pam and Rio

Devon had a whopping 78 in her third level test 2 on Bonnie Stedt’s Zoran, ( aka Zoom ). Zoom is for sale and would be a terrific horse for a serious upper level rider who likes to compete and win!



Devon also won blues on Joan White’s Just a Flirt with scores of 77 and 72 in training level tests 3 and 2 respectively.  Very nice horse, Joan, and very impressive riding, Dev!!!!

Devon and Just A Flirt

Devon and Just A Flirt

Emily rode Silva and Boyd’s talented four year-old chestnut mare, Juliette, in training level test 3 and scored 77.8 – which was the high score for training level. This was quite an achievement given that this was Juliette’s first recognized show ever!

-Emily amd Juliette Morven June 2015

Emily and Juliette

Juliette is also for sale and would be perfect for an amateur rider who is looking for a fancy young horse with great gaits and a quiet disposition.

Emily rode Bright Side ( Eddie ), owned by Gloria Callen and Mike and Anne Laver, in first level test 3 with a score of 70%, for second place, and a 68%, for fourth place, in first level test 2. Super nice riding and an impressive pair.

Emily and Bright Side

Emily and Bright Side

Of note, these were qualifying scores for both riders and all four horses.

Amy Heron and I also rode; Amy and Constantina RRS (CeCe) had a super ride on Saturday and also earned a qualifying score of 64 in their first level test 3.

-Silva as most great coach - trainer Morven Park 2015

Silva warming up Amy and Cece

Rio and I had the best time doing our first freestyle, at first level, to Beatles music and did surprisingly well with a 70% for first place in the amateur division. Thank you so much Silva for helping me with the design/choreography and Anne Miller for helping us with and finalizing the music!

As always we are so grateful to Melinda Walton and Larry Smith for letting us stay with them and taking such good care of us. And here’s to Joansey, who takes the absolutely best photos. Not only is she our resident artist, she tells the best stories to keep us entertained and on our toes …

Here’s to June 2015!
-Pam Murphy

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