Another Winning Weekend at Dressage at Stable View

Hannah Lu, owned by Sarah Reese and Joan White, was great this weekend in the dressage show at Stable View. I just kind of changed the way I ride her, warming up with a light seat and keeping things a little loose and that works really well for her, since she tends to be a bit of a tight horse. She was really good, she placed 2nd to Shawna Harding in the PSG with 69% and won the I-1 on Sunday with 68% which was really good for her.

Electric, owned by George and Julia Strawbridge and Nancy Hathaway,  won 4th level, which is very impressive for a horse that’s barely seven years old. The judges were weren’t scoring very high this weekend so he only had 66% but he felt very good. He only showed on Saturday.

I rode Chris Turner’s stallion Halimey, and I have to say I’m very impressed! He is so nice to handle and behaves so well; showing a stallion is not so easy sometimes, but he really is a good guy. He placed second in 3rd level with 67% on Saturday, but I think on Sunday he was a little tired, and he ended up fourth. In hindsight maybe I warmed up a little too long. We plan to put him on the market in the future and someone will be very lucky to have him, he’s really a good boy.

I’m obviously really happy to ride and compete Rosa, who finished second in the Grand Prix. I will need to improve a lot of things in the test, but she’s awesome, there’s no way around it! I obviously have to be very careful with how much I work her, so I’m just kind of taking her along gently. As I keep going and she stays sound I’ll be able to do more, but at this point it’s really good for me to watch the videos and see what we’re doing. I need to start getting help from somebody on the ground, but it’s a bit tricky at this point because I can’t push her to do a whole lesson yet. I will be taking my horses back to Pennsylvania in mid-March, and then we will figure out a game plan moving forward.

Big thanks to Joan for the beautiful photos!

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    Love the Pics

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