Baby Leo is One Week Old Today

Left: with Leo and Right: with Nox

Leo was born a week ago today and is doing well. It’s been a rough week with ups and downs but the past few days have been good. He’s still under the billirubin lights, which are to prevent jaundice, though his counts are much better. He’s also still on a breathing tube, which is unfortunate because he really doesn’t like it. He already had a blood transfusion and an IVIG transfusion, (which is what I’ve been getting throughout the pregnancy). They don’t expect him to have any long term problems from the anemia, but he is still premature and has a lot of growing to do!

I’m doing pretty well, it’s obviously been emotionally tough – leaving him in the hospital was hard but we’re renting an Air B & B apartment near the hospital in Philadelphia and Nox’s nanny Susannah is staying with me and helping out. I like to be home with the horses but right now it’s better to be here, and thanks to Susannah I don’t feel like I’m abandoning Nox – it can be a two and a half hour drive back to the farm with traffic!

A c-section is major surgery and I’m still recovering; I learned the hard way that I have to take it easy. On Friday I walked over to the hospital, about three miles, with Nox in the stroller and maybe that wasn’t a good idea, I was in a lot of pain then. It seemed like a good idea to move around but now I’m taking it easy!  Thank goodness for Uber, it’s a five minute drive and you just jump in!

Siblings can visit between four and eight, so Nox can come in for a while in the afternoon. It’s nice that I can spend some time with him as well because even though he’s excited about his baby brother he also needs a lot of extra attention right now.

Harley, my assistant rider, has everything under control back at the farm, which is awesome. It’s good to know that all of the horses are on their usual schedule while I focus on taking care of the children.


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  1. Happy 2nd. Week birthday to Leo! How is he doing?

  2. Happy first month Leo🦄🎉

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