Back in the Show Ring with Rosa Cha W

We had good weekend getting back in the show ring here in Aiken. It was so fun to ride Rosa down the center line again – I missed her so much! In typical Rosa style she covered for my rusty mistakes, and I know we have a lot of work to do, but it is so great to have her back! And bonus: we won the Grand Prix.
Rosa’s daughter Hannah Lu does not like waiting. When her quarter is up, it’s up! Unfortunately in the PSG the show was running 20 minutes behind and she did not appreciate that. We still finished third, but I know she can do much, much better. On Sunday she did her first Intermediare 1 and was great! We made some green mistakes but we won the class.

Electric was such a big boy! He is only turning seven years old and did his first fourth level test this weekend. He finished fourth on both days.

Many thanks to everyone who has been so supportive on this journey!


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