Badminton CCI4* Post Cross Country Update


Through the ears on Crackerjack last week. You just never know what’s over the horizon.

Boyd and Crackerjack had a fall today at Vicarage Vee, one of the most notorious fences on the cross-country course at one of the world’s most difficult three-day events, the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials CCI4* in Gloucestershire, England.  After getting Crackers settled in back at the stables, Boyd had a few moments to reflect on his ride today, and relay his plans for Crackers over the next few weeks:

Crackerjack was giving me a fantastic round at Badminton today. I felt like he was jumping well and we were two thirds of the way around and everything was going to plan, and he felt plenty fresh. Then we came around the corner to the Vicarage Vee, which had been playing havoc with riders all day – it was a tough fence.

I’m kicking myself because in hindsight I feel like I came around the corner like a wild Indian and didn’t give Crackers a chance to read the fence well. In reality I just got him there completely wrong. We were on a half-stride, and he’d have had to either take off long, to one of the most intimidating fences in the world, or do what I did: I gave him a pull and tried to add a chip, and we can came crashing down. Luckily Crackers and I are unscathed and we’ll live to fight another day.

I’d like to thank the USEF and Land Rover for partially funding this trip, and Crackers’ owner and breeder, Lucy Boynton, for supporting us through the highs and lows. Kristin Marella, Crackers’ groom for the trip, has been there every step of the way for him.

To be quite honest it’s a bitter pill to swallow when you go overseas to compete and come up short. Today that’s what happened and it stings.

Since Crackers is here in Europe and did not do the full course, I’ve decided to leave him here with my good friend Jonathan Paget to keep him going, and I’ll possibly come back to ride him at the Luhmuehlen CCI4* (Germany) in a month’s time.

I’ll going to fly home to Pennsylvania tomorrow, and I’ll be at Jersey Fresh next weekend with a bunch of horses. Thanks to everyone for your support. We all know that eventing is a tough sport and it means a lot to have everyone there cheering us on through the ups and downs.

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