Ballatale (Twix)

Our sweet schoolmaster Ballatale (Twix), owned by Sara Sanz, has been laid to rest. Twix was 22 years old and had a tendon injury in the field that could not be treated. I started riding Twix right after I came to this country and rode him up to Fourth Level. He taught all my working students including Devon Seery, Gracia Huenefeld, Scout Ford and Kymmy Pullen flying changes, and he was the best schoolmaster anyone could ask for. We retired him a few years ago after he injured his tendon the first time and then he turned into the babysitter for Boyd’s young horses, keeping them company in the field, and he was very good at that as well. We would have been happy if he could have spent many more years in the field but he would have always been in pain and he didn’t deserve that. We will miss having him on the farm.


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  1. 🙁 so sorry

    Sounds like he had a good life!

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