Blackfoot Mystery Sold

Boyd and Blackfoot Mystery competing in Rio. Photo Jenni Autry

I’ve been very lucky and grateful to have a wonderful horse like Blackfoot Mystery in my stable for the past five or six years. He’s just an unbelievable animal that has obviously taken me to my ultimate dream of competing at the Olympic Games. In 2015 I was very lucky to purchase Big Red off Kelly Prather, who had done the bulk of the training with Red since he retired from racing. In a very short period of time I was lucky to have a top placing at Fair Hill CCI4*-L, went on to win the Wellington Eventing Showcase, and then went on to Kentucky for another top placing in the CCI5*, which earned us a spot on the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team.

I’m very grateful for the 12 syndicate members that decided to believe in me and purchase Big Red. It was an amazing experience taking on these big events with such a wonderful group of owners in his syndicate. In 2016 Red gave everything he had to jump clean around a brutal cross country course in Rio. I’ve never had a horse give so much heart around such a course and I’ll always be in awe of how exhausted and empty Red was toward the end of the course, but he kept on digging deep and pushing himself to the finish line. In hindsight, I think Red left a part of himself in Brazil.

I really had dreams and aspirations of trying to get Red back to the five-star level and potentially a chance at the Tokyo Olympics but the reality is that at our last big event together at Tryon, the big fella felt like he was pushing himself too hard to get the job done. Deep down in my heart, when I drove home from NC, I knew it was time to redirect Red’s career. I truly felt that if I was greedy and kept trying to get him to Kentucky next year that it was asking a little too much of him.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that his career has got a new life with a new rider from Dallas, Texas. To me this is the perfect transition for Big Red: he’s still sound and happy and keen to go to work. His new accommodations in Dallas are first-class, and I’m guessing he will show his new rider a great taste of eventing at the lower levels.

I’m truly thankful and grateful for the Blackfoot Mystery Syndicate that backed him all those years ago, along with Kelly Prather who agreed to sell the horse to me, which must have been a heartbreaking decision for her at that point in her career.

Last but not least I’d like to thank Red for everything he’s done for me in his career. Being an American-bred, off-the-track Thoroughbred, he really opened the door for me to teach the Thoroughbred retraining clinics with Godolphin in Japan for the past five years. Like I said before I have tremendous appreciation and gratitude for these animals that try so hard for us, even when conditions are tough, and courses are challenging.  Big Red showed the heart and spirit of the American Thoroughbred and I’ll always be thankful for his efforts.




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