BLM Videos and Thanks to Silva’s Girls!

I could not be prouder of Rosa’s little daughter, Hannah. She looked absolutely amazing this

weekend. I am so excited for her future and to see her step into her mother’s footsteps.

As you can tell from Scout’s blogs, she does not like to talk about her own riding.  After watching the video of Hannah and Scout , I don’t even have to say much. This kid is 19 years old and is doing an unbelievable job with this young, (let’s say “strong minded”), mare. Thank you to Scout for doing the dirty work for me!

I have said many times before how lucky I am to be able to train such fantastic horses but I am also extremely lucky with my three girls: Kymmy, Gracia and Scout. I could not do what I do and win what I win without them helping me. These three girls are the most hard working people you will ever meet, and most of all, they have my back at all times — not only the good times.
Thank you, girls, for a fantastic year!!!!!


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  1. Very classy blog, from a very classy and talented group of ladies and horses! So fun to share some time at the BLM Champs.

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