Blue ribbons and High Scores Galore at the VADA Dressage Summer Show at Morven Park

Silva is back … really back! She’s doing what she does best – riding with tremendous skill and confidence – and winning, and so are her two young working riders, Devon Seery and Harley Whittaker.

The results speak for themselves:

Silva and Stately

Silva and Stately

Silva on Faye Wolfe’s Aesthete (aka Stately)

Intermediate II – 1st place / 66.316

Intermediate II  – 1st place / 71.053


Silva on Rosa Cha W

FEI Grand Rrix – 1st place / 64.200


Silv and Rosa Cha W, Elegant as Ever

Silv and Rosa Cha W, Elegant as Ever


Silva on Melinda Walton and Larry Smith’s Demitasse RRS* (aka Demi)

Training 2 – 2nd place / 72.692

Training 2 – 2nd place / 73.182



Silva and Demi

Silva and Demi


Silva on her own Jada W*

FEI Five-Year Old Test – 1st place / 80.400

FEI Five-Year Old Test – 1st place / 82.200


  • With these scores, Jada is now the top five-year old in the country


Silva and Jada

Silva and Jada

Devon Seery on Melinda and Larry’s Duvent

Fourth 1 – 1st place / 68.108

Fourth 1 – 1st place / 68.243 ( this is an exceptional score, given the gusty winds that blew over all the show ground tents! )


Devon and Duvent

Devon and Duvent


Harley Whittaker on Joan White’s Just A Flirt

Second 3 – 1st place / 60.732

Second 3 – 1st place / 65.122


Harley and Just A Flirt

Harley and Just a Flirt

It was a great weekend for all and we are very grateful to Melinda and Larry for all their support and hospitality. It makes the show a lot more fun! Nox enoyed meeting them and has found a new best friend in their sweet dog, Foxy, who is one of there many rescue dogs from Texas.


Nox making friend with Melinda

Nox making friend with Melinda

Nox with Foxy

Noxy and Foxy

Thanks to Pam Murphy for contributing this blog entry!

photo credits: Joan White



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  1. Awesome -Great Results!

    Nox is adorable

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