Boyd and Blackfoot Mystery 6th After Dramatic Cross Country Day at Rio Olympics

Photo: Shannon Brinkmann for the USEF

Heading out early in the day, Boyd and Red laid down a solid cross country round as trail blazers for the US team, jumping clear and 3.2 seconds over the optimum time. It was a demanding track and Boyd rode his heart out to get around clear for the US team. Unfortunately things don’t always go as planned, and the US will not finish a team in Rio after Clark Montgomery had three run-outs with Loughan Glen and Lauren Kieffer and Veronica had a fall at a gate about halfway around the course. Phillip Dutton showed his experience and grit in getting Mighty Nice around clear, also on 3.2 seconds, seemingly lifting “Happy” back between the flags and over the jump and then levitating back into the saddle when things started to go wrong at a corner fence. So after all is said and done, and with some of the world’s best riders racking up both jumping penalties and time faults, Phillip is in 5th place individually and Boyd is 6th.


Boyd Martin (USA) on why it was a good day to be riding an OTTB: “That was one of the most physically demanding courses — you had to jump a jump, turn, accelerate. It was tiring, it was laboring, it was intense. Question after question after question and you get through one tough jump and you come to another tough jump. I’m so thankful I was on an old racehorse from Kentucky because he kept firing the whole way home. He was definitely on empty coming to the last three and he just tried his heart out and jumped every jump. I was so pleased with him.”

Eventing fans followed along on the live stream, and on social media when the the live stream didn’t pan out. Follow along on Twitter by searching for the FEI hashtag #TwoHearts, symbolizing the union of horse and rider in equestrian sport.

Tomorrow the competition continues with the second veterinary inspection and the show jumping phase of the competition. Complete coverage is available on,, and


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