Boyd and Remington 4th after Dressage at Pau CCI**** in Spite of Illness

Hey guys,

I had a good test on the “little fella” today. I was second last to go late this afternoon in the dressage phase at the Pau CCI ****. Remington warmed up well-ish, a little bit lazy to be honest. I must give a big thanks to Mark and Silva who helped me in the warm-up. To his credit, Remi went in and did an accurate test finishing on a score of 43. I think he is in 4th place, not far off the lead. This is a personal best score for me and Remington.

I had a terrible day personally which saw me in the fetal position in the tack room all day after getting some serious food poisoning this morning. I ended up in the French medical van twice throughout the day and I spewed up about ten times today. The first spew was actually while I was riding Remi early this morning; I got a few funny looks from the other riders! It was good in a way, as I had plenty of room to work in the warm-up arena. In the end, I received a big needle in the bum by the doctor just before the test to try to settle my stomach. Better me than the horse I suppose…

I must say, the course is a big ask for Remi and me. It has a few tough fences that are scattered through the course that scare the hell out of me. I will be riding hard and fast tomorrow trying to get a top result on my first European four star.


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  1. I guess throwing up might be a decent way to get some room in the warm up! Probably not on the top of my list:-)
    Feel better and good luck on XC today!

  2. Stay clear of the red meat in France! I hope you’re feeling well enough tomorrow to enjoy the cross country…..

    Have fun….

  3. Linda and Freddie says

    Good on ya! Good luck tomorrow.

  4. WahooBoyd!!! What a LOVELY trip you had. Nice (****) horse, eh? 😉 So excited for you. Best luck tomorrow.

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