Boyd and Silva Checking In from Chantilly

What a wonderful day here in Chantilly! We had an early start, with Phillip jumping at 7 and Boyd at 7.30.
 Shami and Oscar look ready to go and in top form! Everybody jumped at the farm the horses are staying at, and then shipped out to the gallop track for their final gallop before the WEG. I was lucky enough to watch it all and most of all I got to see the unbelievable racetrack in Chantilly. The pictures do not do it justice. It is so pretty and the American team could not be luckier to be able to gallop the horses on it!

Trading Aces
I love the farm too, though it was pretty cold this morning. I am not use to that since has been so hot at home. The weather is perfect for the horses, though! I hope it stays that way for the WEG. 
The farm
I walked around the farm to take pictures and there is one pretty sight after another. 
Indoor Arena
The indoor is a dream: the sides are out of glass , which makes it so light inside.
Tomorrow we are shipping to Normandy. 
I will keep you updated

Silva Martin


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