Boyd and Trading Aces Take the Lead in $50k Wellington Eventing Showcase

I just caught up with Boyd as he walks around the cross-country course. Here’s a quick word, plus some links to coverage of the event. -AMH
Boyd and Trading Aces, photo Jenni Autry for
It’s just an unbelievable event that they’ve put on down here in Wellington, Florida for the $50k Eventing Showcase. I’m riding two of my syndicated horses and they both gave me fantastic dressage tests today. Oscar’s out at the front of the pack and Pancho’s not far behind, in 12th place.

I’m sure tomorrow we’ll have our work cut out for us; the show jumping course is big and technical and cross-country is very unique: only four minutes and lots of accuracy questions and tight turns. I’m walking the course now, and feeling confident on both horses.

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