Boyd and Tsetserleg Have Arrived in Kentucky for #LRK3DE 2019

Boyd, Tsetserleg and Stephanie at the Kentucky Horse Park

I’ve arrived in at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington for this year’s LRK3DE, for the first time called a 5-star, which takes some getting used to saying as I’ve been riding around 4-stars for many years now. This year I ended up bringing Tsetserleg (Thomas), who’s in sizzling form; this time last year he was green at this level but now he’s a seasoned competitor. His training and preparation have been spot on and I’ve got him well prepared in all three phases, and I’m looking forward to a achieving a personal best performance this weekend.

Last week I decided to leave Ray Price at home. I was always of two minds whether to run him here because he’s on the greener side of things, and while I believe he’s a big-time horse, this year’s Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event has come six months too soon in his training. I’ll likely run him at Jersey Fresh and then on to Bromont (Canada).

At the last moment I decided to leave Long Island T at home as well, which is incredibly frustrating as he’s been in excellent form but during a cross country schooling on Wednesday he hyperextended his front leg and was a little off. He looked better and there was still the opportunity to run the horse but he’s still young and just got to this level, and I decided to rest him for a couple weeks, then build him up to do another big event in the near future.

At these big events there’s a massive team around us, first and foremost my wife Silva who has been relentless in helping me work on this dressage test, and obviously living with someone preparing for a 5-star wouldn’t be the ideal relationship with thousands of hours of practice and the focus required. Thomas’ groom and best friend is Stephanie Simpson: there are many nights that Steph is still at the barn at 9:30 at night taking care of every detail, and I’m grateful for her hard work and dedication. His owner Christine Turner has loved and believed in this horse since day one and it’s a real pleasure riding for her, especially with the success we’ve had lately.

I’d also like to thank the coaches who have helped me along: Erik Duvander has worked around the clock on all the horses, Richard Picken has been a huge help with the show jumping, and Peter Gray has stepped on board this year and really helped me perform all the dressage movements well. He’s been an unbelievable asset and advantage to my program. My longtime coach and mentor Phillip Dutton and of course Silva have also helped tremendously in preparing for the big event. Silva’s coaching a number of the riders here including Lillian Heard, Felix Vogg and Sara Gumbiner as well as her most favorite student (me!).

The whole Martin clan is driving down tomorrow: Silva, Nox, Leo and our nanny Susannah. I’d like to apologize in advance to anyone in the Patron’s tent who experiences a half-naked child climbing under their tables whilst they are watching the competition!

A big thanks to all the sponsors: the bulk of the companies that sponsor Silva and I are here at the Horse Park and it’s a great event where you can check in and say hello to all the wonderful companies that have got behind us: Ariat, AttwoodEquestrianSurfaces, CharlesOwen, Ecogold, HorizonStructures, Hylofit, MajykEquipe, PurinaFeedGreatness, SmartPak, Stubben, and our charitable partner BrookeUSA

Throughout the week we’ll be doing autograph signings, course walks and other presentations, so stay tuned.

Obviously a lot of hard work, training and focus is put into the event: a lot is on the line and all the hard work has been put in now and it basically comes down to the performance: I’ve got 6 minutes on Friday, 11 minutes on Saturday and 3 minutes on Sunday for me to execute and ride to the best of my ability in that moment. I truly believe that my horse is in phenomenal form and we have a fantastic opportunity to strike. I also know there’s a mission still to accomplish….


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  1. Excited to see you and Tsetserleg in Kentucky

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