Boyd Heading to NYC for Surgery


Boyd Martin’s broken right clavicle

As most of Boyd’s fans have heard by now, he broke his collarbone in a fall from a horse yesterday in the novice division at Full Gallop Farm. Boyd was competing Amanda Thurston’s young horse Argon when the horse hesitated at a fence coming downhill and slipped at the same time. Boyd was kind enough to break the horse’s fall, with his collarbone acting as a shock absorber and preventing injury to the horse.

Event Owners Task Force Chair Mark Hart has arranged through the USOC for Boyd to be flown to New York City for surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery to repair the collarbone with an esteemed surgeon. Additionally they will perform a bone regrowth procedure involving stem cells to dramatically speed up the healing process. All of this will be paid for by the USOC.

“The break is not too bad,” says Boyd. “I broke this collarbone back in Australia, and as far as injuries go, it’s a good one for a person in my position. I actually had a plate before, but it was causing some discomfort so I had it removed a couple years ago, and now they’ll be putting a new one in.”

Boyd notes that riders Beezie Madden and Lauren Kieffer have undergone the same procedure with excellent results.

“I am planning on getting back in the saddle as soon as I’m feeling strong,” he says. “Fortunately a mending collarbone is much easier to ride with than a mending leg.  Meanwhile Silva is turning away teaching lessons to focus on riding my top horses to keep them fit and in training.”

Boyd says that aside from his family, nothing in the world is as important to him as competing at Rolex, Badminton and the Olympic Games. “I have plenty of time to get myself and the horses fit for my goals this year. I have also made the decision to not put myself in any situations where I can get hurt again for the next six weeks.”

If the entries can be arranged, Boyd’s coach and mentor Phillip Dutton will step in to compete Boyd’s upper level horses Shamwari and Master Frisky, who are just starting their 2016 season, in the preliminary horse trials at Pine Top Farm (GA) this weekend. Boyd is extremely grateful to his horses’ owners and sponsors for their ongoing support and encouragement.

Never one to let the rough times get him down, Boyd quipped, “I’ve been pretty busy lately, so I’m actually looking forward to a little rest.”


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  1. Safe Travels

    Safe Surgery

    Positive Thoughts

    Be a good patient

  2. So Sorry to hear! You are one tough man! Speedy recovery!!

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