Boyd Martin Fancies A Feline | The Chronicle of the Horse

Boyd Martin Fancies A Feline | The Chronicle of the Horse

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  1. Anonymous says

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  2. Anonymous says

    Silva you are a saint to put up with the cats eating from the table etc. I am a veterinarian and I do not allow this type of behavior from my animals 🙂 Boyd just a word of warning – you are killing your cats with love if they really are as fat as it sounds like they are – you are setting them up for disaster. Fat cats are predisposed to diabetes, hepatic lipidosis, arthritis and a myriad of other disease processes. You should treat them more like the athletes that you proclaim them to be…

  3. Anonymous says

    You go Boyd! We have 15 cats in our little hunter barn: no mice, no snakes! We allow no dogs on the property save our two who were raised with cats. I have a show cat, LauraBush, who travels to the shows with me. She wears a harness and walks on a leash. She is so much more polite than the dogs who bark, chase, pee on your tack trunks and hay and leave doggy “gifts” for you stepping into pleasure.

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