Boyd Martin Joins Forces with Bemer!

Keeping all the horses in top form is always the priority and Windurra USA.  Boyd, Steph and the team work very hard to keep the competitive horses in excellent physical shape, and much of their focus goes into managing their pre-performance comfort and post training recovery.  That’s where Bemer comes into play.

For the horses, the Bemer Blanket is utilized daily by Steph and the team while the horses stand on the cross ties waiting to be tacked up, or post dressage or jump school.  Here’s an image (courtesy of Bemer) of how the Horse Set is applied to the horse.

The BEMER Horse-Set promotes healing and recovery, and helps prevent injury. It enhances suppleness – a prerequisite for motivation and willingness to learn – so your horse can exercise more effectively. The BEMER Horse-Set also helps your horse relax more easily both before and after exertion.

“Every day we train these horses very hard, and I need them feeling in tip-top shape for their competitions and next day’s training,” explained Boyd. “I can’t begin to tell you how much improvement I’ve found with BEMER. It really helps with their recovery and circulation and it’s really made a difference.”

New to the US market, Bemer has enlisted Phelps Media Group with their PR and marketing.  They recently distributed a press release about this new partnership with Boyd.  Below is an excerpt and link to the entire press release:

For Immediate Release:
Phelps Media Group
Media Contact: Rebecca Walton

Olympian Boyd Martin Believes in BEMER

Founded in Germany in 1998, BEMER Group has been at the forefront of vascular therapy and micro-circulation for both humans and horses. The BEMER Horse-Set implements pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology to naturally support healing, recovery and injury prevention. The device also enhances suppleness allowing horses to exercise more effectively and promotes relaxation before and after application.

In addition to using the BEMER Horse-Set on all of his top competition mounts, Martin also uses the human BEMER Pro-Set for personal health benefits and to promote better circulation. Martin is currently using it on a daily basis and it is having a cumulative effect in helping to reduce discomfort with his injuries*.

“Equestrian is a big part of who we are at BEMER and we were thrilled to bring Boyd Martin on board as an ambassador,” said Brad Horn, BEMER North America Marketing Director. “He perfectly embodies our commitment and lifelong passion for horses. We look forward to working together to promote the benefits of the BEMER Horse-Set for the equine community.”

To See the Entire Phelps Media Press Release, CLICK HERE!


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