Boyd on Evention: How to School a Horse that Drifts Over Fences

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  1. In the first approach to the jump the horse looks over bent which not only detracts from the ability to move forward, but throws the weight of the horse to the right causing a rider to continually overcompensate. The second approach has the horse overbent on the first part of the turn then is straightened in advance of the jump giving the horse a better execution. Though I am not an expert, it seems the ideal would be better understanding of how the physics of riding works and practice on flat riding that enables the horse to do a better job with less stress both physical and mental. Happy horses – great performances – less injuries.

  2. Great riding from our Olympian Boyd Martin! Well done!

    KennyS from TW

  3. Interesting observation. Please call me to talk about the video. 2145445729 Dom Schram

  4. Good video! I have been working similar exercises with my big spotted guy too. Boyd, great tip of the day, jumping by yourself is much safer (and involves a lot less getting on/off) when you have a fun friend or great trainer to play around with over fences!

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