Boyd & Silva Martin Join Forces with Hylofit!

Do you ever wonder if you are pushing your horse too hard?  Would you like to know if he is stressed or in pain?  Are you looking for a way to improve communication with your horse?

 Hylofit is a wearable device for horse and rider that tracks performance and provides insights to improve training results and promote the overall health and wellbeing of your horse. This is paramount when training any sport horse, and Windurra USA is thrilled to come on board as partners with this forward thinking technology company.

Boyd and Stephanie have been testing the device with several of the upper level event horses over the past several months, and they both find the technology key in training the event horses.

“We’ve always gone to get the 3 day event horses fit by simply estimating the speed we need to train on the gallops. Now with the Hylofit we have a much better means of measuring scientifically how hard we can push our animals. The Hylofit makes training much more accurate and beneficial. Compared to other similar products that we’ve tried in the past, this is unbelievably simplistic to operate. It’s easy to place the new Hylofit on the horse and rider, and even a computer illiterate person can get it working in no time. Our staff finds it very easy as well!”

Silva plans to start using the devices on her dressage horses this month after Boyd has given the product two thumbs up.

“Hylofit is an innovative wireless heart rate tracking system for horse and rider. We believe that knowing your horse’s response to training through heart rate, allows you to perform at the highest level. We are incredibly proud to partner with Boyd and Silva Martin, two world-class athletes, to help them and their teams prepare to compete at their best. The Martins embody the spirit of true horsemanship and are perfect ambassadors for our brand.” ~ Laxmi Wordham, Co-Founder

Hylofit is appropriate for any level rider, is very affordably priced at $349, and is easy to use!

For more information on this fabulous technology, please visit their WEBSITE and check out all their social media outlets.
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