Boyd Takes a Jump Lesson with Olympic Champion Joe Fargis

On Wednesday I was treated to a real tune-up to my jump riding with show jumping Great, Joe Fargis. I rode Charla, one of the best young horses I have. She is a new horse owned by Ron and Densey Juvonan, and she is a real fire cracker!

I was in a group of riders from True Prospect farm that included my two working students, Lillian Heard and Caitlin Silliman; my vet, Dr. Kevin Keane; and my good mate Ryan Wood.

We had a very focused two hour session with Joe mainly concentrating on perfection in riding.He was into me about my leg position and about being loose with my upper body. He gave me a few exercises that I need to work on over the winter to help with these issues. I left the lesson very impressed with the detail Joe showed to his teaching. It was a real honor working with a true champion.

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  1. Very good video and lots of good ideas. thanks for taking the time.

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