Boyd: The Best Dressed Man At Rolex?!

Upon viewing this photograph of Boyd decked out in a Hooters tee-shirt at dinner with his Feline Friends, I have decided to step up to the plate & challenge all the other male competitors at Rolex to out dress Boyd Martin this year.  Being on Boyd’s staff of associated personnel, it is a goal of mine to have him buttoned up properly at Rolex, and I’ve got access to the goods!!

My husband is the founder of Bills Khakis, a company that represents a slice of Americana, by producing a full line of “craft brewed” mens clothing, manufactured here in the United States.  Our company has been in existence for 20 years and actually has roots in the horse world, when Bill used to attend events on the east coast selling his vintage World War II khakis to the horsey set.  Our company has expanded & we now offer a full line of trousers, shirts, jackets and accessories.

Boyd and Bill are both similar in many ways, committed, hard working & totally dedicated to their chosen profession, so there is no better match.

While we all know that Boyd is most at home in his riding gear or a pair of flip flops, this year at Rolex, expect to see Boyd strutting his stuff on the cat walk and representing the USA compliments of Bills Khakis!  -LT

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