Boyd Update: Collarbone Surgery Successful


I’m here in New York City, recovering from surgery, and this place is unbelievable, all the sports stars are here. I must start with a big thanks to Mark Hart and the USOC, who really went to the well to make sure that I will be healed up as quickly as possible.

After falling at Full Gallop on Wednesday, as soon as I landed I knew I’d broken my collarbone. After calling Silva my next call was to Mark Hart who’s been wonderful over the years helping Silva and I with various horse-related accidents. In 2014 he made sure Silva had the best brain surgeons. He’s best known for leading the charge on the EHOTF, but in my eyes he’s as valuable as a medical advisor. He’s a surgeon himself and got in touch with the USOC who organized a flight, driver and accommodation right away to go to the Hospital for Special Surgery on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

This hospital specializes in treating people with sporting injuries. Their Motto is “WHERE THE WORLD COMES TO GET BACK IN THE GAME.“ I felt like a rock star coming in here! The facility is more designed for players on the NY Yankees or Giants football team and the hospital specializes in getting these stars back on the field as quick as possible.

My surgeon, Dr. David Altchek,  is famous for doing surgeries on athletes such as Serena Williams and Eli Manning. Obviously with the spring season looming we wanted to get this collarbone as strong as possible as quickly as possible. Dr. Altchek managed to put Teflon on the lower side of the broken collarbone, then drilled and injected bone regrowth hormones into the broken bone and got stainless steel plates and screwed it in on the top, so the bone almost had the look of a hot dog. Throw in a few stitches and I must say, even though I’ve got to take it easy, I nearly have full range of motion in my right shoulder already, mere hours post surgery, which is pretty impressive.

I’d like to thank the hospital staff, Dr. Altchek, Mart Hart and the USOC for making this happen so swiftly. Even though I’m not anywhere near the level of their usual patients I was very thankful for the top of the line service.

I’m flying out at lunchtime today and looking forward to getting back to Stable View to see Nox and Silva and all the horses again.



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  1. That sounds amazing Boyd brilliant using the telfa! How fascinating and cool to have the latest and greatest techniques!! Good for you!!

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