Boyd’s Back in Action at Pine Top


I’m relieved that Pine Top was uneventful for me, as that was the main test of the weekend. I rode all five of my four-star hopefuls around the Intermediate, and even though I wasn’t 110% fit myself, the idea was that they all needed an easy run before Carolina International to get back into the swing of things. That being said, the surgery that I got was nothing short of remarkable. I’d like to tell everyone how much of a tough guy I am, and how I can take unbelievable pain, but the truth is the bone regrowth hormone left me feeling fit and strong about a week after the surgery. I will admit I was pretty stiff and sore getting out of bed this morning, but riding around cross country yesterday it didn’t bother me too much.

Kicking off 2016 I’ve got a very strong band of four-star hopefuls that handled Derek’s Intermediate cross country with ease yesterday. They’re all experienced advanced horses and they made it feel like an easy cross country school. I chose to run them all pretty slow, as they’re still building their fitness up and the ground was pretty hard in places. Even though I was sore this morning, I was pleased with how all the horses trotted up, and I think we’re in good shape as we get closer to our Rolex and Badminton goals.

IMG953599 IMG957341

I was a little bit sad to say goodbye to my friend Gypsy King when I handed him over to his new rider, Zach. The Baugh family is a wonderful family who really love their horses and I’m looking forward to seeing their progress together. Clearly Zach is smitten!


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