Boyd’s Final Word on Rolex Kentucky 2012

Remington XXV
 While driving home from Lexington, it is a fantastic feeling knowing that all the hard work and preparation paid off for this year’s Rolex Kentucky three-day event. 
Otis stepped up this weekend and confirmed my belief in him being one of the best horses in the world. He showed resilience, speed and heart on the cross-country to prove to me that he can jump any cross-country course put in front of him, anywhere in the world. Eighteen months ago when I first saw this horse in France, I had an inkling that this was an awesome horse. I’m truly blessed that ten people put their money up, believing in my evaluation of his potential. So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the shareholders for standing behind me and supporting me and this horse, and I can’t tell you how excited I am knowing that his illustrious career is just beginning.
Syndicate members, from left: Boyd, Fernanda Kellog,Gloria Callen, Silva Martin, Lindsey Taylor,  Kirk Henckels, Craig Callen.

Remington once again showed how important it is to have a horse at this level that won’t give up and keeps trying and trying and trying. Over the years, certain experts had questions marks on him, but you have to admire a horse that keeps dancing around four-star after four-star. I believe that I had the little guy fitter than ever this year, which contributed to his eighth-place finish. Ron and Densey Juvonen have been exceptional owners and supporters of mine since I stepped foot in America. They are unbelievable owners that show their support and understanding not only when things are going right, but also when you are overcoming hurdles and setbacks.

Press Conference (Boyd, left, and winner William Fox-Pitt, right)
There is a massive team around these horses that contributed to this great result. First and foremost, I’d like to thank my wife, Silva, who not only trained me and the horses in the dressage phase, but also prepared very healthy meals for the last two months, making sure the boys weren’t luggng around too much weight on Saturday. 
Also, my head groom/manager/organizer, Lindsey Taylor, who spends hours and hours ensuring that these horses are in peak condition. My staff at the farm: Caitlin, Sara, Emily and Beau, have helped in the fitness work and the care of these athletes. The veterinarians Dr. Kevin Keane and Dr. Mary Griffin and the horseshoer Doug Neilson have also contributed to the amazing condition that we saw these horses in on Sunday morning. 
Over the winter I had instruction from Bettina Hoy, Captain Mark Phillips and Lauren Hough who have all been instrumental in fine-tuning these horses’ performances. Lastly I’d like to make big cheers to one of the greatest influences of my life, Phillip Dutton. This man keeps contributing to my understanding of conditioning, training and strategy for events at this level. He is a true example of a completely unselfish person, always willing to help his students and fellow competitors at these massive events when he is trying to concentrate on his own horses. Phillip, you’re a legend. 
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  1. Anonymous says

    Boyd, you are a class act. I can see why your owners and investors adore you. Keep up the good work!

  2. Anonymous says

    Agreed! This is the sort of thing that gets you so many supporters; you bring a great face to the sport! Keep up the fantastic work! If I weren’t a hungry college student, I would definitely be in on buying a horse for you! And thank you for sharing your stories and knowledge with us!!!

  3. Anonymous says

    You are an inspiration to everyone in the sport Boyd! Congratulations to you and your team!

  4. I enjoyed watching you ride this past weekend! You make those tough questions look so easy!

  5. Looking forward to seeing you at Jersey Fresh!

  6. Anonymous says

    Well…This is just the beginning! Lots, lots more celebrations to come (after lots, lots, lots more work.)

  7. Anonymous says

    Congrats for all the reasons stated by others, but I LOVE that you did NOT refer to Lindsey as “head girl!” This gives her the respect she no doubt deserves. You are evolving….so great to see it!!!!!

  8. Anonymous says

    I enjoyed watching this past weekend also. Your professionalism and support of your team have made you a favorite in our household!

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