Boyd’s “left hind lameness” is improving

Boyd in Physio

 I’m pleased to say I’m ahead of schedule in the healing process; I recently went for my checkup, a couple weeks after surgery, and Dr. Phillip Principe is encouraged by the re-growth of bone around the fracture. He instructed me to start riding as soon as I can, as there’s no risk of re-injuring the leg; it’s more a matter of my effectiveness with my leg and my pain tolerance.
Healing Well

 I find myself reunited at ATI physical therapy with Chris Dougherty, the man who helped me come back last year, and I’m currently seeing him three times a week, working on my mobility, core and strength exercises to keep myself fit and strong. 
Physio Chris Dougherty in Action
-Boyd Martin
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  1. Anonymous says

    Good to hear

    Sending continued positive healing thoughts!

    Hope Silva is continuing to do well too


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